Just Breathe

I was listening to the song “Breathe” and I was just worshiping and I asked the Lord to speak to me. The chorus part came up, you know “and I am desperate for you. and I am lost without you.” And I heard the Lord say, “that’s me. I am desperate for YOU. I am lost without YOU. The same way you would be without your spouse, or your children, or your family. When you are not with me, I am desperate for you. When you are not with me, I am lost.” Wow. Now, I know some of you may analyze this and say, “God can’t be lost.” or ” God is almighty he’s with us everywhere.” But, it’s not that way. It’s just an example. He wants us to fellowship with him. He wants us to enter in to worship and prayer. Uninhibited. Unashamed. Because he desires us. All of us. We are his children and if we are not with him, in our actions, in our words, in our day to day life, who then are we with? I challenge everyone who reads this to step in deeper today. In your worship, in your prayer time. Just tell him you are there to spend time with him. Not to ask him for a favor, not to petition him, not to speak the whole time, but to listen to him and love on him.