My full Christian name is Jennifer Sabrina Dayton. Before I got married it was Jennifer Sabrina Merrill. My daddy named me. The world has meanings for my name. Jennifer is a derivative of Guinevere. It means “a white wave, fair, white phantom, fair and beautiful”. Sabrina is said to mean “royal, a princess”. It is said that girls with my name tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic and have magnetic personalities. They are usually humanitarians, broadminded and generous and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity. Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on. They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick tempered.

My daddy always said to remember who I was representing anytime I went out. So, in a way, he was saying, “remember your name represents who we raised you to be: a strong, independent, smart, unique individual who respects those who deserve respect and loves even the unlovable”.  So, when people said “Jennifer Merrill”  the representation was that of a well raised young lady.

When I got married, my last name changed. No longer was I completely representing my parents, but I was representing an unity, a covenant, my own family unit. My actions now reflected on my husband and our relationship. When people said “Mrs. Dayton”, they already knew I was representing an everlasting love.

A few years later my name changed once again. I was now “mommy”. My responsibility was now to my child and soon after, children. My name represented hard work, sweat, and tears. It represented responsibility, compassion, concern and sheer delight. My actions now reflected not only on my husband, but my children as well. When people said “Zeb’s (or Anna’s or Judah’s) mom” they knew I was representing an unparalleled love.

I am at a place in my life where I still want to represent each layer of my name. Daughter, wife and mother. I carry many other names – sister, friend,  Ms. Jenni, Jenni the youth leader and Jenni on the worship team. Each of those are names that I choose and desire to represent the best way I can.

I, however, am still searching for the true representation of my name. What God wants my name to mean and what he wants me to represent. I know I am a daughter of the Most High King (yes, I AM a princess!). I know I am passionate about him. I want to represent him in the best way I can. Many people say “I can tell you had a good upbringing.” People say “I can tell you love your kids”. They say “Wow! What a wonderful marriage you have!” I want them to say even more about my representation of Christ and my representation of his love and his work in me.

My life is a journey. This blog is just part of my adventure! I hope that my words encourage you, make you laugh, make you search for your own answers and most of all give the best representation of who God wants me to be. There is one thing I am sure God meant for me to be, and that is talkative.  I said a long time ago that I was going to write a book entitled “Jenni – the amplified version”.  You will find that I like to talk (or in this case, write). That being said, I am SURE I will not run out of things to post!

Much love and many blessings!

Jenni D.

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