Find me here

There’s a time when I’m fine. When I find you’re all I need. I doubt nothing, you surround me and all is well. There in your presence I am whole, lacking nothing, struggling only to breathe. Your being makes the room heavy and my body succumbs to the weightiness of you. On my knees again, it’s where I desire to be. Needing you more now than I did yesterday is not uncommon, it is necessary. Needing you more now than an hour or even minute ago – complete surrender. I can’t breathe in your presence, but I can’t live without you. Desire is not a dirty word – it is a non complacent word. It says “I refuse to not move forward. I refuse to settle for this. I need more.” Finding myself lost in you is my drug of choice. It’s my quiet time, my happy place. Where all I’ve been, all I’ve done, all I’ve struggled with is left behind and all I see is you and all you see is what I’ve yet to become. If worship is like a perfume . . . Oh but it is. My jar is broken and on my knees i am the closest I can be to you. Find me here. Again. And again. And again. Find me here swallowed in you and your love.