The Rooster Crowed . . .

Mothers day is upon us. Currently I’m sure there are dinners going on, presents being unwrapped, hugs being given, and kind words making tears appear.

I’m sure there are some who are inwardly grieving. They may have lost a mom, or may have lost a child. Yet, they smile every time they hear the words “Happy Mothers Day!”

Mothers are where we begin. Mothers house us while God is knitting us together. Mothers provide for us before they even know our needs or desires. Mothers love us before they ever experience us.

Mothers loose sleep. Mothers worry. Mothers cry. Mothers soothe. Mothers smile through pain. Mothers protect. Mothers encourage. Mothers empower. Mothers advise.

Mothers make mistakes. Mothers have regrets. Mothers fail.

Mothers start new every day. Mothers forgive and forget. Mothers never quit.

Mothers work. Mothers cook. Mothers clean. Mothers do laundry. Mothers fix things. Mothers find things. Mothers drive.

Mothers teach.

My mom worked full time. She got up every morning, got us kids ready, then went to work. She came home, cooked a quick and healthy dinner, answered fifty-million questions from us, then spent some quiet time with my dad before he went to bed, then spent time with us before we went to bed.

Today, I stand in awe of her faithfulness. She never seemed to waiver.

She loved us. Even when we drove her crazy, she loved us.

With all her seriousness, she is also hilarious. When frustration hit mom, she’d hit it back. One of my favorite stories. . .

My sister Stephanie was an infant. She had been up all night long, and mom had just gotten her to sleep. Suddenly, the rooster crowed. (Seriously, the rooster crowed!) Stephanie woke up and proceeded to wail again. Mom, being at her wits end, jumped up. Bounding into the bedroom, she grabbed daddy’s  shotgun. Boom!  She had shot the rooster! Turning to go back inside, she hears the shuddering crow again – she had killed the wrong rooster!

Even in frustration, momma made it funny!

She raised four kids. She worked full time. When she got home, she still worked full time. Even now, retired and all the kids grown, she still works full time – 

She’s a mom.

So, to my wonderful, faithful, beautiful, loving, encouraging, outrageous, silly, witty, wise, smart and dutiful momma – happy Mothers Day – I love you!

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