On a Winter’s Day, Nothing’s Sweeter Than Summertime!

One of my favorite smells is honeysuckle. I guess because it reminds me of my childhood in such a vivid way. I don’t know a lot, but I know some things for certain: honeysuckles, sweet pea flowers and the smell of hay and rain bring back memories that are etched forever on my heart. I also know that my awesome Heavenly Father put each of those things on this earth just for me. There is peace that sweeps over me that I can not explain. I take in a deep breath or I stop, just for a moment to look, and my soul lets out a big “aaaahhhhh”. I have talked before about how our God put each thing, each detail, on this earth just for us. If we were the only ones here, it would all still be amazing. But, honestly, I always processed that as through sight, not smell or taste. This hit me the other day as I was running/walking in the evening. It had been a long day. Okay, honestly, a long week. Even with Monday off, it just seemed as if I was getting overwhelmed. I was listening to Hillsong, and just trying to relax my mind when a big whiff of honeysuckle filled my nostrils. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh”. Then it hit me; that was just for me. He knew I would be in that place, in that state of mind, and in need of an “aaahhhh” moment. The road I traveled was FILLED with honeysuckle AND sweet peas. It was as if He was saying “I got this! Relax. BREATH. Enjoy.” I’m not saying all I’ll ever have to do to de-stress is inhale some honeysuckle or gaze upon some sweet pea. But I am saying that our God loves me (and you) SO much that, not only did He give His only son, but he places things in our lives to bring us joy and peace when and where we least expect it.

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